Gordon Brothers WinesLike many of the finest ideas, the inspiration for Gordon Estate sprung from a simple observation. Farmer Jeff Gordon (along with his brother Bill) noted that Washington State’s bountiful Columbia Valley shared the same latitude as Bordeaux.

A student of agriculture, Jeff studied the local micro-climate and the rich volcanic soil and became convinced that if properly cultivated, the Columbia Valley was capable of producing excellent wines.

“People get excited about discovering a new wine region. It allows them to explore, to discover. In time, they’ll find individual vineyards that exemplify the true essence of the region. Because we choose to use fruit exclusively from our vineyard, one can be assured that the uniqueness and the complexity of our wines will be preserved from one vintage to the next.” — Jeff Gordon

Since the release of its inaugural 138 case lot of Chardonnay in 1985, Gordon Brothers – now called Gordon Estate – has remained true to a core set of values. First among these is the conviction that quality always takes precedent over quantity. Artisan farmers, the Gordon Estate proudly put their name on every bottle, and new challenges set by the winery are always measured against the yardstick of consistency. One of only a dozen wineries in Washington that can claim 100 percent estate-grown wines, Gordon Estate is vineyard-driven, cultivating a complete winemaking process from the earth to the bottle – there is no disconnect between the vineyard and the winemaking.

Now, over thirty years later, Gordon Estate is a leader in the Washington winemaking boom. Crafting wines from an exceptional piece of land, the Gordon Estate portfolio of estate wines has grown to include Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Late Harvest Gewürztraminer, Syrah, and their highly acclaimed flagship red blend, “Tradition.”

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