KAMIAK VINEYARD — Columbia Valley

• COMPOSITION: 100% Malbec
• pH: 3.1
• TA: 7.6 g/L
• ALCOHOL: 11.8%
• FERMENTATION: 100% Stainless Steel, aged on the lees for four months
• PRODUCTION: 250 cases
• BOTTLED: February 2016


2015 kicked off with a mild Winter and early Spring that jumpstarted the growing season in Eastern Washington. Couple that with the hottest Summer on record and the result was the earliest harvest start to date. Three weeks earlier than average, bud break occurred on the 20th of March and we were already enjoying consistent daily highs in the mid 70s. Like 2014 the heat built quickly and by mid-May we saw our first day over 100 degrees. Summer was dry and hot – the hottest on record – and with that harvest arrived as we picked the first of our Chardonnay on August 26. As we rolled into September the summer heat gave way to a wonderfully dry and warm fall that carried us through till harvests end on October 26th. That cooling trend allowed our reds extra hang time to develop and refine tannin structure and deepen flavor profiles.

Winemaker Comments

Grown specifically for Rosé, the Malbec grapes were handpicked at 19.4 brix and crushed straight to the press to minimize skin contact. The juice was then cold fermented to dryness at 55 degrees. The result is a delicate wine, faint pink reminiscent to watermelon juice in color. The nose is reminiscent of ruby red grapefruit, orange blossom and lychee. White peach, lychee and a touch of rose hips carry through the bright acidic finish.