ESTATE GROWN — Columbia Valley

• COMPOSITION: 100% Gewürztraminer
• pH: 3.37
• TA: 10.0g /L
• ALCOHOL: 9.7%
• RS: 25.0%
• BOTTLED: March 31, 2015
• PRODUCTION: 180 cases


Hot and uneventful is how we would describe the 2014 growing season, just the way we like it. 2014 kicked off with a mild late winter rolling into a pleasant warm spring with very few frost events. Bud break occurred about the 10th of April, a little early but not unusual, and from there we were off to the races. Heat built quickly with a much warmer than average late spring and stayed hot into mid-September. This set us up to declare 2014 the hottest vintage in our 30+ years farming along the Snake River. Harvest started with Chardonnay on September 10th, just as the heat of summer was transitioning to a mild fall, and by November 10th the last of the red fruit was in the door. Winter came charging in and on November 15th the temperature had dipped into the low double digits and we were harvesting frozen orbs of Gewürztraminer for ice wine.


With sustained temperatures below 10°F the grapes turn into rock solid marbles. Pressing the grapes at this cold temperature causes the water (ice) to stay trapped in the skins with only the concentrated, syrupy juice to be coaxed out. Thus, shortly after arrival, on the bitter cold morning of November 30th, we transferred the Ice Wine grapes into the press, beginning the slow, methodical drip, drip, drip of the golden nectar. Our total pressing time for the 2014 Ice Wine was 12 hours. During this time period the mercury never climbed above the low teens. Despite the extended press cycle, we were only able to extract 250 gal. After two months of slow and low fermentation the wine was settled, filtered and bottled at the end of March 2015.

Winemaker Comments

Aromas of orange zest; candied mango, baking spices cinnamon and peach are very active on the nose. This wine has a rich luxurious mouth feel with a lingering stone fruit, lychee with a honeyed finish. Crisp and Integrated acidity leaves the palate feeling refreshed. Cheers!