Columbia Valley

• COMPOSITION: 53% Syrah, 44% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Sauvignon
• AGING: 16 months in French & American oak barrels
• pH: 3.75
• TA: 6.1 g/L
• ALCOHOL: 13.8%


Our 2012 vintage endured a roller coaster of changing weather. With no hint of the pandemonium to come, spring began on time with normal temperatures. This quickly gave way to unusual temperature fluctuations, with a brief heat wave in April, followed by a downward temperature spike and unsettled weather. Once again in May the heat returned, only to again quickly give way to cold and rain. As summer began, our June was cold and damp while July brought humidity and thunderstorms. Lightning-caused fires created an enduring smoky haze which blew continually across the Columbia Valley. In August the sticky heat turned to dry and we reached triple-figures a few days. September brought only slight relief to the heat. Fortunately as October returned to seasonal norms the resiliency of the grape vine showed true with the fruit for the 2012 Kamiak Red looking and tasting delicious.


Careful selection of individual wines provides Kamiak with its unique character. All the grapes are harvested in ½ ton bins, then carefully de-stemmed and crushed. The must is gently pumped to open-top fermenters and allowed to macerate for 24 hours prior to yeast inoculation. Each yeast strain is selected to highlight the individual characteristics of the specific grape. Once fermentation is completed, the wines are pressed off, separating the wine from the remaining skins and seeds. The wine is then settled and racked twice prior to going to barrels. This allows any remaining plant material to settle out in tank while retaining the fresh fruity character and easy drinkability of the Kamiak Red. The wines are then allowed to age in a mix of French and American oak barrels, with just a touch of new oak for character. After months of barrel age the individual wines are chosen and blended into the final Kamiak Red cuvee.

Winemaker Comments

The interplay of three grapes come together in the 2012 Rock Lake Red to make an extraordinary wine. Aromas of raspberry, blackberry and black currant waft from the glass with just a hint of caramel tantalizing in the background. A soft, voluptuous entry leads into explosive fruit flavors and long lingering finish of spicy oak. The combined elements make the 2012 Rock Lake Red an excellent companion to a meal or enjoyable as an aperitif.