Columbia Valley, White Wine

• COMPOSITION: 55% Chardonnay, 44% Sauvignon Blanc,
1% Gewürztraminer
• pH: 3.64
• TA: 0.61g / 100ml
• RS: 1.5%
• ALCOHOL: 13.7%
• BOTTLED: February 2011
• PRODUCTION: 1,576 cases


Our 2010 vintage was one of the coldest in the years. Toward the end of August our grapes were just beginning to go through veraison, the change from hard green berries to soft plump fruit. With still no warm weather in sight we made the decision to go through the vineyard and thin the crop. Wherever clusters were sitting on top of one another or the fruit load looked too heavy for the vine we dropped crop. With less fruit to ripen the vines gradually picked up the pace but with fall looming we were still not sure the crop would ripen. Someone must have been looking out for us though, because a nice Indian Summer came upon us in September where we had a week of +80oF weather and a week of +70oF, and the grapes finished their ripening nicely. The result was fruit of exceptional character with a nice balance of acidity. Harvest of our Sauvignon Blanc began on the 22nd of September and the Chardonnay started on the 2nd of October, roughly 2 weeks late.


The key to Kamiak White lies in the artful blending of multiple grapes to achieve a wine with a unique personality showcasing the best of its individual components. The backbone of the 2010 Windust White is Chardonnay primarily from our hillside vineyard. Whole cluster pressed and fermented in a mix of stainless steel and oak barrels, this wine brings lush fruit and spice to the blend. Our Sauvignon Blanc was fermented using only stainless steel tanks to create a wine with striking acidity and vibrant fruit flavors. The touch of Gewürztraminer was harvested right before Thanksgiving. Fermentation was arrested part way through, retaining the true character of the grape and providing nice spice notes and aromatics. The cuvee was assembled in December, giving the components time to marry. We bottled this wonderful white wine in February of 2011.

Winemaker Comments

This wine is rocking it right from the start with nuances of Meyer lemon, baked apple and spice on the nose. On tasting, one is struck by both the elegant body of the wine and the lively acids sparkling along the sides of the tongue. Flavors of apple, pear, citrus and cardamom fill the palate. The lingering finish is that of a decadent caramel. Pair this wine with porcini mushroom risotto with white truffle oil and halibut. Cheers!