ESTATE GROWN — Columbia Valley

• COMPOSITION: 100% Merlot
• AGING: 29 months
• pH: 3.60
• TA: 6.5g / L
• ALCOHOL: 13.8%
• PRODUCTION: 148 six-packs


We cultivated our 2010 vintage during one of the coldest years in memory. Toward the end of August, later than we had ever seen, our grapes were just beginning to go through veraison, the change from hard green berries to soft plump fruit. With still no warm weather in sight we made the difficult decision to go through the vineyard and thin the crop. Where clusters were sitting on top of one another or the fruit load looked too heavy for the vine, we removed whole clusters of fruit. With less fruit to ripen the vines gradually picked up the pace but with the fall harvest looming we feared the crop would not ripen in time. Our prayers were finally answered when a beautiful Indian summer came upon us in September with a week of +80oF weather and a week of +70oF, and the grapes finished their ripening nicely. The result was fruit of exceptional character with an excellent balance of acidity and ripeness.


Based on the success of our previous reserve Merlot we once again scoured the cellar looking for individual barrels of exceptional character. Patience and hard work were rewarded, as we found enough wine of merit to make our 2010 Block 3 Merlot. The individual cuvees were blended into the master and given six months of barrel aging to find a harmonious voice. Gentle filtration and bottling culminated in September of 2013.

Winemaker Comments

Cigar box and raspberry compote, hints of rose petal mixed with a dusting of cocoa powder. These aromas tantalize the senses and encourage further exploration into the realm of Merlot. The mouth-feel is surprisingly supple, leaving no corner of your palate unexplored. Lingering flavors and palate cleansing tannins beg for food. Enjoy!