ESTATE GROWN — Columbia Valley

• COMPOSITION: 60% Malbec, 35% Syrah, 5% Merlot
• AGING: 27 months in French & American oak barrels
• pH: 3.86
• TA: 6.30g / 100mL
• ALCOHOL: 13.7%
• PRODUCTION: 188 cases


In 2009 we had serious concerns about our fruit ripening by harvest time as cold weather persisted well into May. Our hopes for the weather played out as the cool spring quickly transitioned into a hot summer, with record-breaking heat in July and August. However, as the midsummer heat wave persisted, it brought worries of overripe wines with little acid. Again the worst was avoided, thankfully, when temperatures eased in early September and remained rather cool except for a brief heat spike at mid-harvest. We patiently waited for flavor development and began harvesting our grapes on the 1st of October.


Decadence was born of serendipity. Owner Jeff Gordon had wanted to create a wine called “Decadence” for some time. With an established portfolio coming from our estate based wines nothing quite fit the bill so the name and the dream were shelved for awhile. Toward the end of summer in 2011 a small group came to the winery for an informal blending session with our winemaker Tim Henley. Presented with multiple wines and grape varietals, the group was walked step by step through the blending procedure. By process of elimination, the group was coached on how to blend their favorite wines into the final cuvee. What started off as strictly an educational process ended up being the origination point for our new Malbec-based wine. Building on the ideas that the blending session had laid out, the blend was refined and barrels were selected. Finally Jeff’s vision had a wine to go with the name. Our 2009 Decadence was bottled on February 1, 2012.

Winemaker Comments

The interplay of three grapes comes together in the 2009 Decadence to make an extraordinary wine. Aromas of red cherry and lingonberry intertwine with hints of spice and wafts of hickory smoke. A silky mouth feel explodes with juicy flavors of blueberry, raspberry, vanilla and a sprinkle of white pepper – truly a decadent experience!