Columbia Valley, Red Wine

• COMPOSITION: 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 26% Merlot,
25% Syrah, 5% Malbec
• AGING: 18 months in French & American oak barrels
• pH: 3.78
• TA: 0.62 g /100mL
• ALCOHOL: 13.9%
• PRODUCTION: 4,200 cases


Warm summer days, cool nights and the occasional summer thunderstorm were the hallmarks of the 2007 vintage. A harvest that had started sunny and warm turned cool and overcast just in time for the start of the Kamiak Red harvest which began on the 15th of October. The warmer weather earlier in the season allowed for sugar development while the overcast, cooler days gave the grapes plenty of hang time for the tannins to develop. During this period daytime highs reached 64F with nighttime temperatures in the low 40’s. This allowed each grape to reach full maturity. The last of the fruit for the Kamiak Red was harvested on the 2nd of November.


Careful selection of the individual lots provides Kamiak with its unique character. All the grapes are harvested in ½ ton bins, then carefully destemmed and crushed. The must is gently pumped to open-top fermenters and allowed to macerate for 24 hours prior to yeast inoculation. Each yeast strain is chosen to highlight the individual characteristics of the specific grape. Once fermentation is completed, the wines are pressed off, separating the wine from the remaining skins and seeds. The wine is settled and racked twice prior to going to barrels. This allows any remaining plant material to settle out in tank and helps retain the fresh fruity character and easy drinkability of the Kamiak Red. The wines are then allowed to age in a mix of French and American oak barrels with just a touch of new oak for character. After 16 months of barrel age the individual wines are chosen and blended into the final Kamiak Red cuvee.

Winemaker Comments

The 2007 Kamiak Red is a harmonious blend of four different grapes, with each varietal contributing something special. Cabernet Sauvignon is the core of the wine, providing the framework on which the other grapes play their roles. Merlot adds sophistication by providing bright aromatics and notes of juiciness on the palate. Malbec wins the best supporting actor award by top noting the wine with floral aromatics and a hint of black pepper. Syrah brings darker berry notes and a sense of weight to the wine; the underlying current that ties everything together. With these players all contributing to a layered and succulent wine, Kamiak Red is at home in any social gathering from picnics to a formal holiday get-together.