ESTATE GROWN — Columbia Valley

• COMPOSITION: 100% Gewürztraminer
• BOTTLED: January, 2006
• pH: 3.49
• TA: 0.61g / 100 mL
• ALCOHOL: 10%
• PRODUCTION: 320 cases


The 2004 vintage was another nice warm summer until … early September brought cooler weather and rain which postponed our harvest date but allowed for additional hang time. Harvested at 27.2 Brix, we knew that the grapes had great flavor because the birds had made our Gewürztraminer block their favorite stop every day and we needed to get it in before they would have finished it!


Our Late Harvest Gewürztraminer is fermented at very low temperatures for about 3 weeks with a classic German yeast strain called “WÄDENSWILL 27”. This yeast strain is great for late harvest, high sugar, grape juices. It is slow fermented which helps us to preserve fruit flavors in the wine. When the desired alcohol level was reached we stopped fermentation and aged the wine after it was filtered and bottled.

Winemaker Comments

The clean golden color and light viscosity provide a visually delightful introduction to this wine that brings ripe pears, peach and hints of nutmeg to the nose. The mouth feel is simultaneously refreshing and sweet, delivering lovely honey and apricot flavors which linger on the palate. This balanced wine is dominated by its smooth fruitiness and is easily enjoyed with a variety of fruits and light desserts. Try blue cheese for a change; you’ll be surprised how well it pairs.