ESTATE GROWN — Columbia Valley

• COMPOSITION: 97% Gewurztraminer, 3% Sauvignon Blanc
• pH: 3.4
• TA: 0.65g / 100 mL
• ALCOHOL: 10%
• PRODUCTION: 380 cases


The grapes were harvested in late October, after a long summer. The goal was to maintain the fruit on the vine for as long as possible in order to maximize the flavor development and sugar content. This in turn offered ideal conditions for making this sweet dessert wine.


In order to capture as much of the fruit characteristics as possible, the racked and clarified juice was fermented at very low temperatures for two weeks. When we reached the desired alcohol level, we halted the fermentation and began the stainless steel aging process. Following a three-month period, we filtered and bottled the wine.

Winemaker Comments

The clean, golden hues and light viscosity provide a visually delightful introduction to this Late Harvest wine that brings honey, pears and hints of quince to the nose, accompanied by alight floral backdrop. The mouthfeel is simultaneously refreshing and sweet, delivering lovely honey-apricot flavors which linger on the palate. This happily balanced wine is dominated b its smooth fruitiness and is easily enjoyed with a variety of cheeses, fruits and light desserts.